Kawasaki concours 14 specs

Kawasaki, advanced Coactive-braking Technology (K-ACT) ABS system links the front and rear brakes.
Kawasaki s Variable Valve Timing (VVT fuel injection and ram-air intake tracts contribute to this great power, and a "Fuel Economy Assistance" mode makes the engine sip fuel on long hauls.
Its a Ninja with bags, though the reworked rider triangle will allow for a relaxed, upright position, a big advantage on the highway over its pure-sport siblings.Concours has an integrated, multi-position vent on the electrically-operated windscreen.Neither did the weather permit full-force cornering or WFO acceleration.All of this will have to wait until we get a test unit for a more realistic and complete evaluation.Kawasaki s choice of brake systems came off the top shelf.Suspension, Rear: Tetra-Lever with stepless rebound damping adjustment and remote spring preload adjuster,.4-inch travel.For additional storage, hit the accessories catalog for an optional topcase.Sometimes, a little news can be almost as useful as big news.Ships to the US, Canada, UK and Australia.So there you have it; taste, taste, and price are the three major categories to consider here, and neither is so much better than the other that they would entice a Japanese bike fan to jump the fence to the American style, and vice versa.The water-cooled, inline-four engine on the Concours puts out some impressive numbers, but the big Freedom 106/6 V-twin in the Victory muscles to the top with 106 pound-feet of torque, and you dont have to wind it up tighter than Dicks hatband to wring that.Brakes, Front: Dual floating 310 mm petal-style rotors with four-piston calipers, ABS.

That may not mean as much to you northern folks, but those of us down here in the intense summer sun of the Deep South really appreciate.
Yes, you get the magic that is ABS, but that technology is fairly ubiquitous nowadays and nothing special.
That, the company feels, offers riders the opportunity to own a big, very fast and very capable sport-tourer for considerable savingsin some cases, many thousands over some of the costlier models.
Given that most msrps either remain the same or increase every year, a 700 price reduction is a real surprise, especially considering that the 2015 Connie incorporates several improvements.
I did sense that normal rear-brake use with the new linked braking system resulted in less front-caliper application, but the wet roads would not permit even remotely aggressive rearor frontbraking before the ABS kicked.A stainless bezel on the instrumentation gives it just a bit of bling, but revised ABS settings, stiffer rear suspension, reworked first gear ratio and a heat shield on the exhaust make noticeable improvements to the rider experience.What is special is the linked-brake feature that was revised in 2015.Not to be outdone, the ABS also comes with two separate rider modes with varying levels of intervention to prevent wheel slip.To stow your gear and your bits and bobs, there is a glove box in the fairing and each saddlebag holds 22 pounds.He Said My husband and fellow writer, TJ Hinton, says, Definitely a sharp-looking bike, but I question whether engine-tuning and a couple of bags is enough to turn this thoroughbred into a creature docile enough to ever be truly comfortable for the longest hauls.The standard hard saddlebags conveniently utilize the ignition key and can be installed/removed/locked quickly and easily thanks to the integrated mounting system.


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